Friday, June 22, 2012

The Plan

The information in this blog is basically my opinion of our President Barack Obama's speech so far today:

He is basically looking at reforming our economy by pushing the agenda of growing our small business sector, growing the economy for the middle class, and reducing our deficit. He is also discussing ways to assist college students with avoiding major debt. He wants to bring the troops home and re-invest the monies spent on war back into our economy.

I am excited to be in a position to post blogs today for all of you who are getting a chance to read. This is a great rally!!!!

Fired Up...Ready To Go

4:17pm EST in Tampa, FL, and I am now watching President Obama speak to us at Hillsborough Community College.  I am sitting in the press section which makes me approx. 75 feet from Prez.  The rally cry "Fired Up....Ready To Go" blasted through the speakers throughout the facility as Prez entered the room and walked on the stage greeting the people. This is an awesome experience so I figured that I would share with all of you.


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I will  be posting tweets about the NBA Draft coming up, Football Camp coming up, Golf tournaments, and even some baseball. Stay tuned for a podcast show that I will be working on with a friend of mine soon.  The show will address many different sports topics and other issues that are important to us and our communities throughout this country.

The Places That God Has Taken Me

Whats up PEOPLE!!  It is 3:32 pm today in Tampa, FL.  I am at a Hillsborough Community College campus today not only to attend a speech that will be given by our President Obama, but I am also here because I am the Lead IT Network point of contact for Hillsborough Community College today.  I am working with Secret Service, the White House Communications staff members, and US Homeland Security staff members.  It has been a very taxing week as I am solely responsible for maintaining wireless network communication and VoIP wired/wireless communication for all media (NBC, ABC, CNN, and even international stations).  My cell phone as been ringing off the hook with calls from agents and high-level staff members of my college.

President Obama is set to take the stage moments from now as I type this very blog.  I could only do all of the things that I have done this week with the strength and encouragement of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I am very thankful and grateful to be in position to receive such blessings. The Lord has used Information Technology as a medium to put me in places where I can experience many things, grow as a leader/person, and network with people to build important relationships, while carrying the Holy Spirit and His truth inside of me the whole time. This is truly a gift and something that I can share with my kids and one day their kids as well.  Who would have thought that the little kid from the "Mean Streets of Detroit", would be in position to support the "first Afro-American" President in our Nation's history. It just goes to show that you never know what your futures holds, but you always know who holds your future.  Amen!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

How did that work out for you???

So let me get this straight...Knicks hire D'Antoni and then sign Stoudemire for far too much money so that he and his coach can replicate the success they had in did that work out for you?

I think Jeremy Lin is a good person and player. Jeremy Lin put on a great show over a 7 or 8 game period and the media said he was one of the best point guards in the league.  They said he was awesome because of his spectacular game play.  Ex players said that Lin is the real deal.  Fans customized jerseys of Lin because they didn't even produce them.  I said he is really playing well but had not seen: Rose, Westbrook, Paul, Deron Will, Tony Parker, Jennings, or Rondo, yet.  The Knicks based their whole second half of the season around Lin and now it looks did that work out for you?

Manning is going to Miami, Manning is staying in Indy, Manning is going to Denver, Manning this, Manning that....and now it looks likely that he will go to Tennessee. is that Manning thing working out for you Indy Fan, Miami Fan, and Denver Fan?

Last but not least....Derrick Fisher spent all of the fall and summer negotiating on behalf of the NBA players in order to get back to work and win a championship in "LA".  Now I have been saying for two years that Lakers need to move this dude and move him quick.  Never mind the fact that somebody actually listened, but they moved him from LA to Cleveland.  Wow...I feel sorry for you Fisher but way to negotiate your way to the bench of Cleveland behind a rookie that will get all of your minutes.  How did that work out for you?

In all seriousness, I hate to see that happen to Fisher but it was time to go buddy.

Bynum vs. Howard

It is just my humble opinion, but as much as I like Howard, I think Bynum is a better center as long as he stays healthy.  Bynum is younger, he has a better low post game, and he can shoot better.  Howard is more athletic, faster, and better defensively, but we all know that the athleticism and speed will fade as he gets older. Ultimately, lack of speed equals lack of defense.

D. Howard, watch you back because Bynum is coming for that top Big Man Spot!!!

Stand By Your Big Man

So D. Howard decides to stay in Orlando....interesting!  I said two years ago that this issue would be on display for the Magic and that they would not be prepared for it.  Bottom line, the Magic does not have the "CAP" to bring in more players to surround Howard, so something has to change.  D. Howard is basically the premiere "Big Man" of the NBA however I do not believe that he will when even sniff another Eastern Conference Title with this team.

The Magic needs to put Nelson, Redick, and Hedo, on the block for an off season sign and trade for Deron Williams and Anthony Morrow. (I may be dreaming, but it all starts with a dream).  In any event, I am basically saying that they need a young athletic small forward and a great point guard at this point.  Ryan Anderson is a great fit, Jason Richardson is okay for another season, but everyone else can move on.

Memo to the fans:

All the fans that were upset that D. Howard was trying to make a major decision in the public eye while waffling several times need to stop it.  He did make some mistakes for saying that he wouldn't mind playing with other players and playing somewhere else, but he didn't pull the LeBron James and bail on you.  Not that I am really that mad at LeBron either though.  It is funny how we make decisions to leave jobs for more money, more stability, a better future, a better work-life-balance, a better supporting cast, and etc., but when it comes to pro athletes...especially NBA players, they must stay put until we see age and attrition kick in.  At that point, "The Fan" is ready for these guys to get shipped off to become someone else's dead weight.  If I was Howard, I would stand tall, put on my jersey and move on.  The same fans that hated him a week ago for being unsure about what to do, are the same fans that are glad he didn't pull a "LeBron", and bounce on them.  Funny thing is...these same fans will be taunting him when he blows a free throw that would have won a playoff game for their home team.  Grow up FANS!!!